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At VirtualStudio, time is of the essence and we don’t want you to waste a minute of it. Since 2016, we’ve provided our customers with our web based content management system to simplify their lives in creating interactive scenarios, technology enhanced manuals and game based levels in their full 3D game environment. We believe that our TOOLBOX has the potential to transform the way you can edit virtual simulations and serious games by altering the flow for the player or traineeg. This without any programming required! 

Experience the flexibility of VirtualStudio for scenario editing? Have a look at the unprecedented list of options and creative tools that VirtualStudio provides Out-of-the-Box.

Tools: Testimonials

Setup timers, detect the player getting stuck, provide support and deliver context based tips at any point in the level, matching the score that relates to the players action.

VirtualStudio provides unlimited HINTING functionality.


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