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VirtualStudio knows what it means to provide cutting edge technology to organisations worldwide.
At VirtualStudio, we’re committed to deliver swifter and smoother solutions for everything you need in using, deploying and managing virtual simulations and serious games for training.

You can trust that we’re here to provide you with all the tools you need to make your job that much easier, regardless of your need. Whether you are the PLAYER that plays a simulation or game, the MANAGER that manages a training department or just a group of trainees or the INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER or SCENARIO EDITOR that is in charge of developing training scenarios or game based levels within your training environment.

Get started with us today and see the impact of our world renowned toolbox.

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Making Life Easier For You

As a player/trainee you get access to the most sophisticated training tools.
Train like a pro using full immersive high end and technology enhanced serious games and virtual simulations even in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. You can easily create and manage your account, view your knowledge progress and see how you are doing compared to your peers. In addition, you have access to all games, training levels and scenarios assigned to you. Once the software is downloaded and installed, you can play the game online and offline.

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Motivational Tools In A Box

As a manager of a training department or just a group of trainees you can assign user licenses for game access to trainees in VirtualStudio. Also you have access to individual training progress and results. A broad spectrum of KPI's on the progress of your group to manage is available and all this information is visible in real time.Require additional user licenses? Simply order them through VirtualStudio.

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Your Toolbox to create Flexibel Content

VirtualStudio Level Editor

Based on the interactive 3D model in your game, as an editor/instructional designer you can create, change or improve levels. These levels are immediately available to the trainee so redeployment of your game of simulation is not required. You have full control over the learning process or training scenario and have an extensive toolset to enthuse, challenge or help the player.Want to create more gamification, change score strategies, create level dependencies, allow trophies to be earned. You can enable and change it unlimitedly via VirtualStudio, without any programming. Even add elements like highlighting, timed hinting or even spoken instructions via text-to-speech technology.

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